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Torchbearer Society

As engaged members of the FIU family, we have the opportunity to protect and ensure the future of our University. By giving to Ignite through a philanthropic investment, each one of us becomes a catalyst in the greater effort. Established in 2014, The Torchbearer Society honors FIU Faculty & Staff who have committed to sustaining a strong financial foundation for FIU through planned or estate giving. A planned gift to Ignite creativity, discovery, and innovation – shaping the future of our University for decades to come. We would be honored to include you in our Torchbearer Society if you have:

  • Provided for Florida International University Foundation in your will or trust.
  • Designated FIU as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan, savings bond, bank account, or life insurance policy.
  • Created a planned gift that returns fixed or flexible income to you or others.

You may choose to invest in any one of the Colleges or Schools or a particular program or initiative. You may also choose to make an unrestricted gift, providing FIU with a flexible source of funding to meet our greatest needs.

2022 Torchbearer Society Inductees

  • Agatha S. Caraballo
  • Howard A. Frank 

2021 Torchbearer Society Inductees

  • Charles Buscemi & Jose (Joe) Martinez
  • Cristine Figueroa
  • Kenneth G. Furton and Emily Gresham Furton
  • Adjua "Maia" McGill
  • Smilka Melgoza
  • Antony Page

2020 Torchbearer Society Inductees

  • Steven G. Cruz
  • Natasha D'Souza
  • Yolangel Hernandez Suarez
  • Susan R. Jay
  • Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver
  • Meira A. Langsam
  • Diann R. Newman
  • Jason A. Saltzman Jr.
  • John F. Stack Jr.

2019 Torchbearer Society Inductees

  • Michael Cheng
  • Samuel and Joyce Moore
  • Mohammad Qureshi

2018 Torchbearer Society Inductees

  • Ann M. Anello
  • Rocco M. Angelo
  • Judith Blucker
  • Adriana Sofia & Leria Cano
  • Simone N. Champagnie
  • Jeanne M. Disney

2017 Torchbearer Society Inductees

  • Steven Altman
  • Steven L. Schwartz
  • Fiorella Terenzi

2016 Torchbearer Society Inductees

  • Judith and Steven Fain
  • Rachelle Metcalfe
  • Rosalie and Mark B. Rosenberg
  • Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor

2015 Torchbearer Society Inductees

  • Ronald Baier
  • Robert Barnum
  • Lesley and Evan Northup
  • Brian Schriner

2014 Torchbearer Society Inductees

  • Kathleen Blais
  • Monique Catoggio
  • Kalai Mathee and Giri Narasimhan
  • Douglas & Susan Wartzok
  • Marcia Jo K. Zerivitz