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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create a new ignite project or add an existing project to the site?

    Please contact us at or 305-348-4931 to learn about creating a new Ignite project or adding an existing project to the Ignite site.

    Please keep in mind that it can take upwards of 6-8 weeks to create a project. 

  • What is ignite?
    Through the Ignite, employees are encouraged to make a generous donation to the FIU fund of his or her choice. Through your gift, you will ignite creativity, discovery and innovation, as well as strengthen the financial foundation needed for FIU to ascend to the next level of excellence. This campaign allows you to direct your gift to any unit of FIU you wish to support, whether you choose to invest in a College, School or a particular program or initiative. You may also choose to make an unrestricted gift, providing FIU a flexible source of funding to meet its greatest needs.
  • What is the goal of the Ignite?
    The goal of the Ignite is to encourage participation by all FIU faculty and staff to make a donation to the fund designation of his or her choice. We believe that full participation is of greater importance and will have more impact than the amount fundraised.
  • Why should I give?
    Every FIU faculty and staff member, current and retired, has an important stake in the success of this campaign. We, more than anyone else, are wholeheartedly aware of the University’s ongoing and future needs. Our monetary contribution is a concrete way to express our belief in FIU. A high level of participation from current and retired faculty and staff will demonstrate our employees’ commitment to a strong and vital University.
  • How much should I give?
    Giving is voluntary, but highly encouraged. Every gift, no matter the size, will help us reach our goal. Everyone’s situation is different and your monetary contribution is based on your own personal decision. As a starting point, give your commitment some serious thought: how important is FIU to you, your family, the students, your colleagues?
  • May I restrict my gift to a particular fund?
    Yes! If you want to restrict your gift to a certain project or program, please indicate the restriction on the pledge form when making your commitment. This will ensure your gift is properly credited. For a list of current available projects, please visit the ignite website.
  • What information is available on the website?
    The Ignite website is the main medium for FIU employees to donate gifts and to receive updated information pertaining to the campaign. It highlights the projects that faculty and staff feel most passionate about and want to fundraise for; and is the main giving vehicle for faculty and staff to donate to the project(s) of their choice. The website also contains information about the campaign mission, how to give, giving opportunities, contact information for Igniters and provides employees an opportunity to start a project of their own.
  • What if I already gave this year?
    Thank you for your generosity! Your gift is greatly appreciated. That gift will count towards the Ignite. Consider increasing your gift for the remainder of the fiscal year or making an additional gift to a different fund.
  • Am I really expected to personally ask my co-workers for a gift?
    YES! Make it a fun experience that will inspire your whole team to give back to the University. We recognize that each department is different and encourage you to find the best way, no matter how unique, to reach out to your team. One way of asking for a gift is by simply saying, “I support xyz fund because that’s what I believe in. I hope you will consider supporting something you are passionate about here at FIU!” Provide suggestions to get your team thinking about their passions, such as research initiatives, scholarships for students or grants for staff.
  • In what ways can I make my gift?
    • A one-time cash payment*
    • A pledge payable over multiple years*
    • Appreciated, marketable securities
    • Real estate
    • Gifts-in-kind
    • Life income plans
    • Charitable remainder lead trusts
    • Life insurance policies
    • Bequests and wills

    *Current FIU employees may fulfill gifts and pledges using payroll deduction. Please complete the payroll deduction form found on the ignite website.

  • What is the deadline for gifts to be turned in and counted for participation figures?

    Participation figures are calculated based upoh gifts received and processed between July 1st and June 30th, the beginning and end of the fiscal year. Gifts may still be made after this date.

  • Why aren't funds from my area listed on the website?
    If you do not find the fund you are looking for, please contact the Annual Giving team or the development office in that area for assistance. The unit may not have approved for that specific fund to be marketed as part of this campaign.
  • Does my United Way contribution count towards Ignite?
    We appreciate the support of our faculty and staff in the United Way Campaign. Gifts made towards United Way cannot be counted in the Faculty & Staff Campaign. We understand it may be difficult to participate in two philanthropic campaigns, but highly encourage you to make a donation to the Faculty & Staff Campaign!
  • What is the FIU Foundation?
    The FIU Foundation plays a significant role in the development of the University as a major educational, cultural and economic resource. The Foundation assists in the fundraising efforts of the University and ensures that the funds received are securely allocated to the specified project. For more information, please visit