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Message from the Chair

Dr. Stephen M. Fain

Dear Colleagues,

This is the eighth year of the Ignite Campaign, and I am very pleased to tell you that Ignite has been a great success. Last year 73% of the FIU family participated, demonstrating the wide support for our FIU.

The 2017 Ignite Campaign was recognized nationally by CASE (the Council for Advancement and Support of Education) and awarded the 2018 CASE District III (Southern States) Grand Award for Overall Fundraising Program; it was also recognized internationally, winning the 2018 CASE Circle of Excellence Bronze Award for Annual Giving Programs.  Ignite functions as one of several elements within the Next Horizon Capital Campaign.   

Although we have never focused on dollars – choosing instead to recognize participation as the fundamental core of the Ignite Campaign – we have raised a considerable sum in support of a myriad of projects. Our support stands as a strong statement to those outside of our walls who are considering providing financial support to our FIU through gifts, endowments and grants. They see that we – the faculty and staff – are already invested, raising over $21 million in seven years through Ignite. This sends a clear message that they are not alone when they support FIU through the Next Horizon Capital Campaign.

The fact that you can direct your gift to any of the 200-plus projects has let donors know that they are not only supporting our FIU, but that they are also directing their gift to precisely the cause they wish to support. We believe that this has provided donors with a significant level of satisfaction. When you make your gift, you know exactly what you are supporting.

Your participation in the Ignite Campaign makes a powerful difference. So, why not give a cup of coffee – it’s that easy; why not do it now? Just go to , and click on Give Now to find the project of your choice. 

Thanks to those who have already given to the 2019 Ignite Campaign. To those who have not yet made a gift, I assure you that it is not too late.

Remember don’t give until it hurts; give until it feels good!


Dr. Stephen M. Fain Signature

Stephen M. Fain, Ed.D.

Founding Director, Ignite – Annual Faculty & Staff Giving for FIU
Professor Emeritus – College of Education
Honors College Fellow Emeritus
Founding University Professor