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Message from the Chair

Dr. Stephen M. Fain

Dear Colleagues,

As we enter the fifth year of Ignite, we have many things to celebrate and to contemplate.  This year’s kick-off breakfasts at both the MMC and BBC campuses were high-spirited and enjoyable events attended by record numbers of our community.  We celebrated the last year’s increase in our giving rate from 34% to 41% and celebrated the fact that after just four years we have raised more than $9.5 million dollars for our FIU. 

There is no doubt about it, we have made and continue to make a significant difference in the lives of our students and colleagues through Ignite.

Catapulted by a million dollar gift from President Mark B. Rosenberg and his wife Rosalie, we are now poised to cross the $10 million giving threshold.  I am certain that with your support we will, in fact, soon celebrate this unprecedented achievement.  I am also confident that on our way to our goal of a 100% giving rate, we will sustain the spirited philanthropy demonstrated by those who have given in the past and ignite that spirit in our colleagues who have not yet joined our commitment.

Our support stands as a strong statement to outsiders who consider providing financial support to our FIU through gifts, endowments and grants. They see that we, the faculty and staff, are already invested and that they are not alone.  This is the true power of Ignite!  Together, we provide the sparks that Ignite potential in the students, projects, and programs that will advance our FIU to the Next Horizon.

It starts with You.  You can direct your gift to the project of your choice – just click on Give Now and find the project you want to support.  You can help your colleagues better understand why they ought to give something back to our FIU.  And You can find satisfaction in the fact that You have stepped up and made a difference.

Remember don't give until it hurts — give until it feel good!


Dr. Stephen M. Fain Signature

Stephen M. Fain, Ed.D.

Chair, Ignite – Annual Faculty & Staff Giving for FIU
Professor Emeritus – College of Education
Honors College Fellow Emeritus
Founding University Professor