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The FLAME AWARD is presented to teams of Igniters in recognition of their outstanding collective performance during the Ignite Campaign. This award recognizes the accomplishments of teams of Igniters who have led their units to significant levels of success by helping colleagues realize the power and benefits of giving back to our FIU. Recipients of this award are recognized for their combined impact. We thank them for their commitment and tenacity in support of the Ignite Campaign, our FIU, and their units.

FY18 FLAME AWARD Winners: 

Division of Human Resources

  • Aileen Perez
  • Andrea Del Pino
  • Byron De Paz
  • Johanny Nunez
  • Joseph D. Paulick
  • Lina Herran
  • Mary Cruz

Division of Student Affairs

  • Estela Penabad
  • Julianne Tallon
  • Lynn Hendricks
  • Vanessa Gondar
  • Vanessa Vasquez

Office of the Provost

  • Abilene Pinzon
  • Alexandra Burkowski
  • Damaris Valdes
  • Rhesia Lewis

College of Arts, Sciences & Education

  • Brad Schonhoff, Institute of Water and Environment
  • Caprila Almeida, School of Education and Human Development
  • Glenn Hutchinson Jr., Center for Writing Excellence
  • Hebin Li, Physics
  • Jenna Silva, School of Integrated Science and Humanity
  • Jessie Guevara, Institute of Water and Environment
  • Jose Almirall, International Forensic Research Institute
  • Maria Victoria Tsalikis, School of Education and Human Development
  • Paul Landrum, Executive Dean’s Office
  • Paul R. Warren, Philosophy
  • Stephen Leatherman, Earth & Environment
  • Tamara Gonzalez, Women Studies Center
  • Tamisha Guzman, Biology