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How To Give

Your gift to Ignite unites you with more than 5,000 colleagues who have already pledged their support for FIU. Each gift ignites creativity, discovery and innovation and ensures a more vibrant future for our university, today and in the years to come. Faculty & Staff contributions provide funds for programs and scholarships, while our passion and dedication inspire and encourage outside donors to join us in supporting FIU. Our collective commitment creates sparks that ignite endless possibilities. This is the true power of the Ignite Campaign! 

Find something you believe in! With over 200 projects to choose from, it’s easy to support a cause or program that is meaningful to you. Every donor matters and every gift counts.

Please click on explore causes below to review all of the available funding opportunities and give to the fund of your passion. If you have any questions always feel free to reach out to the Ignite team. 

Make Your Difference

There are lots of ways to be the spark that keeps our creativity, discovery and innovation going. Whether you're making a one-time donation, a unrestricted gift, or a planned gift through your estate, you’re helping FIU advance its mission.