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Ignite Kick-off Celebration Registration

As a treasured member of the FIU family, your gift to the faculty and staff-driven Ignite campaign sparks the creativity, discovery, and innovation that drives our university and keeps us Worlds Ahead. It’s a beautiful thing to see us unite toward a common goal – making FIU the best it can be, now and in the future!

For the love of FIU

Did you know that FIU faculty and staff contributions do more than provide crucial funds for programs and scholarships? Our impressive giving rate of 82% sets an example that tells the world we believe in our university’s mission to drive research and ensure student success. Our collective generosity makes a bold statement to alumni, and the corporations and foundations that FIU depends on for large gifts and grants of support… It says, “Hey, we believe in us, so you should, too!”

Reflect while looking toward the Next Horizon

Join us as we celebrate last year’s wins and kick off this year’s Ignite campaign by sharing some ways you can support any college, school or program that is near and dear to your heart.

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