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Ladder of Impact 5 Year Pledge

The true power of the Ignite Campaign lies in collective giving.
This year’s Ladder of Impact 5 Year Pledge makes a difference beyond the moment —

We kick off this tenth year of our Ignite campaign, a decade of giving and impact, imbued with a can-do spirit. Ignite has been actively working with the faculty and staff of our FIU for nine years, and it has reached significant milestones along the way. Now as we turn over our tenth year let us celebrate in unison by committing to the Ladder of Impact 5 Year Pledge to invest in the next, to invest in the real, our Panthers!

Our Ignite campaign is the conduit through which faculty and staff direct their gifts to the funds and projects of their choice. During the past years, Ignite donors have responded to needs like student food insecurity by donating to the FIU Student Food Pantry and financial crisis faced by faculty, staff, and students by donating to Panther Protection or FIU’s Greatest Need. Many have directed their gifts to FIUstrong, a campaign developed in direct response to COVID-19.

As we close a decade of giving through Ignite, we are striving to build upon our FIU community spirit and surpass past outstanding levels of participation. We thank all who have given in the past, and we invite all members of our FIU community to join with their colleagues in support of our FIU by giving through Ignite.

Your Ladder of Impact 5 Year Pledge can be made via Payroll Giving, examples of how the deductions will be broken down are as follows:

Recurring Gift Options/Examples
Biweekly deductions via payroll for 5 year pledge Yearly Gift
$38.46 $5,000
$19.23 $2,500
$7.69 $1,000
$3.85 $500

How to Give

  • Recurring Biweekly Payroll Deductions – Your Gift Amount will be deducted continuously. (i.e., $1.92 = $1.92 per pay period until you request a change)
  • One Payment Payroll Deduction – Your Gift Amount will be deducted from one pay check only. (i.e., $100 = $ 100 from one pay period)
  • Pay Directly with Credit Card
  • Download Pledge Form

Recurring Gift Options Calculator

Use the calculator to determine your bi-weekly deductions by adjusting your yearly gift amount and pledge commitment. Don't forget to add this information to the donation form below.

For a {{ years }} year pledge your
bi-weekly deductions will be:
{{ weeklyAmount | toCurrency }}

Give Through Payroll