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FIU Summer Research Internship

The FIU Summer Research Internship has partnered with MAST at Homestead’s Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Academies, as well as TERRA Environmental Research Institute’s Biomedical, Robotics & Engineering, and Environmental Academies to offer their high school students a unique research experience during the summer. Students are matched with mentors based on their scientific interests and earn volunteer service hours while engaging in real life cutting-edge research at FIU.

Interns complete eight weeks of laboratory research, attend professional development workshops, and receive career counseling from faculty and staff. In addition, interns are trained in Bioethics, laboratory safety, library skills, and delivery of scientific presentations. The program culminates with a research symposium where students deliver oral presentations on their summer projects in front of faculty, students, lab mentors, and University Administrators.

This is a STEM-serving program that, for many interns, acts as a pipeline to FIU and its Biomedical Research Programs. The SRI is well-established and is currently run solely through donations, community support, and volunteer hours from students and staff who are dedicated to its success and committed to its mission.

We must continuously develop new generations of scientists. It is important to expose children and young adults to the real research endeavors to let them, and their families, know that it is a real career option. As a public university, FIU has a special role in this regard.Dr. Charles H. Bigger, Ph.D., Founding Director, Summer Research Internship
FIU, through the SRI program, has found a unique method of exposing young scientists to advanced research projects and methodologies. This program gives the local community a real opportunity to explore the promise and excitement of a career in scientific research.Amy Reid, M.A., Program Coordinator, Summer Research Internship

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