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Stephany Feijoo Study Abroad Scholarship

Why Are You Donating?

As I crossed the stage one final time as an FIU student, a sense of nostalgia invaded me when I recalled all the great experiences and opportunities FIU had given me, and at that moment I knew I wanted to be involved one way or another. I chose the study abroad program because is one of my favorite experiences at FIU, and the one that impacted me the most. It was through my experience abroad that the lack of diversity in the pool of US students studying abroad caught my eye, and I decided that I had to do something about it. And no better place to do it than at FIU where our greatest strength is our diversity. So, I hope this scholarship is just the first step on our efforts to have more minority students studying abroad.

How Did Study Abroad Impact Your Life?

I remember being so nervous but excited at the same time when accepted to the study abroad program. I had always lived at home, and the idea of going away for six months to the other side of the world was just terrifying. I didn’t know that such a trivial decision, that at the time, seemed just as a fun experience, could have potential to impact my life in a personal and professional level. My experience abroad sparked a sense of curiosity, one eager to learn and understand what’s happening around the world; one that can rapidly adapt to new environments and change; and one that ultimately triggered an embedded passion for crossing borders to discover the world, its culture, and its people. As I transitioned from the academic world to the corporate world, all these experiences were essential to establish a foundation for the kind of person and professional I aspire to be.

How Do You Want To Impact Another Student's Life?

From first-hand experience, I know the stress that comes along with the excitement of studying abroad, especially when it comes to budgeting and planning. With this grant, I hope to not only alleviate the financial burden of studying abroad, but to also grant students the possibility to take full advantage of what could be a life-changing experience. Take this chance to challenge yourself as you expand your horizons to understand and connect with the local culture. In this process, your ideals will be challenged, but it’s in that moment that you will realize that the world is much bigger than you thought it was. Take all these lessons learned as you return home a better person ready to inspire others.


How to Give

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  • One Payment Payroll Deduction – Your Gift Amount will be deducted from one pay check only. (i.e., $100 = $ 100 from one pay period)
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