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Destiny Lawson Study Abroad Endowment Scholarship

The endowment will be used to provide one scholarship per year in the amount of $1,000 to a student attending a study abroad program, contingent upon acceptance into a program.” “Preference will be given to minority students.” “Preference will be given to students participating in faculty-led, short-term programs. The Destiny Lawson Study Abroad Scholarship was designed to support minority students in exploring cultures, achieving academic goals, and expanding their horizons at Florida International University. Destiny Lawson studied abroad in London, England of spring 2015 for her major in criminal justice at Florid International University. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she obtained a job with the Office of Study Abroad while completing her master’s degree. The support and love of her family allowed her the opportunity to study abroad which opened many academic and professional doors. Studying abroad and working firsthand with students inspired her to create this scholarship. Destiny was able to witness the hardship of minority students, the lack of support to be able to broaden their mind, academic and professional goals, and the ability to realize they can become more than a product of their environment. The students and faculty of FIU impacted her life and she now has the honor and privilege of providing assistance to impact many lives.

After I graduated with my master’s degree I decided to give back to the very place that changed my perspective on life, my alma mater. Creating this scholarship will provide minority students the opportunity to travel, study and view the world in another light. It’s for them to realize there’s so many opportunities all around the world and to not limit yourself to one aspiration. Study abroad impacted my life in more ways than I can count. I was able to view another countries lifestyle and laws revolving around the criminal justice system. As a minority, that was extremely important to me, to have a different outlook, because my goal has always been to make a difference in my community. After I graduated with my bachelor’s degree I was able to secure a program assistant position with the study abroad office. I was able to communicate with the students firsthand and I also assisted with their program payments. I witnessed the dreams and desires of students who wanted to travel abroad, but they had to work multiple jobs to do so or in some cases not able to travel at all due to finances. I made it my goal to make sure I give back. I want student to know that there is someone who understands them firsthand and that is here to support them in any way possible. They should not have to be limited because of financial hardships, their focus should be school and progression in whatever it is they decide to do in life. I hope to inspire more students to study abroad and hopefully to make the decision to give back and provide an opportunity for future students as well.Destiny Lawson
A chalkboard with "FIU Abroad was here" written on it.
FIU Study Abroad at Scotland Yard
Fiu Study Abroad at the Clink Prison Museum


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