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Dr. Florence Yudin Memorial Award and Endowment

Dr. Florence Yudin began her career at FIU in 1971 as a member of the founding faculty. She has the distinction of being the first woman to hold a full professorship at Florida International University and was the first Chairperson of Modern Languages. She was a trusted mentor to her students, and a generous friend to her colleagues. Dr. Yudin authored 6 books on poetry in the Spanish language. A friend of Jorge Guillen, whom she met and with whom she corresponded, she dedicated one of her books to him: The Vibrant Silence in Jorge Guillen’s ‘Aire Nuestro’. Born in Brooklyn, New York, of Russian Jewish descent, an important professional goal of Dr. Yudin was to create and participate in an atmosphere of openness and freedom. She was deeply concerned with the values of quality education which in turn is essential to students of all learning levels.

In recognition of Dr. Yudin’s many achievements and the profound impact she had at FIU, the purpose of the Dr. Florence Yudin Memorial Award and Endowment is to fund an annual prize to reward innovation in teaching in the Department of Modern Languages. All teachers including Adjuncts and Teaching Assistants are eligible.

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