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Aurora Morcillo Spanish Study Fellowship Endowment

The purpose of the Aurora Morcillo Memorial Fellowship

To promote graduate-level study of women and gender in Spanish history. The Fellowship supports research travel to Spain for graduate students studying women and gender issues, with preference given to students wishing to study at the Instituto de la Mujer at the University of Granada. The Fellowship will help prepare new generations of scholars studying Women and Gender in Spain. Funds may be used to create an endowment.

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues and those who knew Aurora Morcillo,

Aurora’s academic work highlighted the importance of memory. As a historian, she was responsible for keeping the memory of so many heroic women alive. My son Carlos and I would like to honor her by keeping her memory alive and by making sure, the research she did on Spanish women’s history continues to live on. Aurora came from a proud but humble Spanish family. She had to break through the barriers imposed by a fascist regime, a class-bound society, and generations of sexist beliefs to become the groundbreaking scholar she was. She had to leave her country, speak another language, and adopt a different culture to realize her dreams. To honor her sacrifices and successes, Carlos and I would like to support the next generation of Aurora Morcillo scholars by funding study in Spain for promising graduate students interested in Spanish women’s history. Aurora may not be with us anymore, but she can continue to inspire another generation of scholars to follow in her wake. Many of you have called me and asked what you could do to help Carlos and me. By giving to the fund, you can help us to secure her legacy, and continue the important work that still needs to be done. Nothing would please Aurora more than to see a group of Aurora Morcillo Fellows, meeting together to discuss their year in Spain, talking about how it helped to launch their careers.

Thank you,

Chuck and Carlos

We welcome contributions to help sustain the Aurora Morcillo Memorial Fellowship. Those interested in commemorating Aurora’s life and work can donate via payroll deductions, credit card, or cash and check. We are sure that this Fellowship will prove a fitting tribute to Aurora and prove an enduring memorial to her legacy.

How to Give

  • Recurring Biweekly Payroll Deductions – Your Gift Amount will be deducted continuously. (i.e., $1.92 = $1.92 per pay period until you request a change)
  • One Payment Payroll Deduction – Your Gift Amount will be deducted from one pay check only. (i.e., $100 = $ 100 from one pay period)
  • Pay Directly with Credit Card
  • Download Pledge Form

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