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Dietetics & Nutrition Excellence Fund

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The Department of Dietetics & Nutrition is proud to prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to build a healthier society. The field of dietetics is dynamic and continuously evolving as more research is conducted on the relationships between food, nutrition, human health and disease. It is the reason we foster a synergistic approach to dietetics and nutrition. We not only conduct evidence-based research but also provide community service by promoting healthier lifestyles through better nutrition across diverse populations.

The mission of the Department of Dietetics & Nutrition is to prepare practitioners and applied researchers in dietetics, food, and nutrition to build a healthier society.

Our objectives focus on three synergistic areas:

  • Educating dietetics and nutrition majors who are competent, intellectually curious professionals and leaders, as well as non-majors who value the role of nutrition in overall health.
  • Advancing the profession with evidenced-based research in:
    • Positioning nutrition in health promotion, disease prevention/treatment, food/foodservice
    • Integrating food and nutrition services into the mainstream of health, as well as home and community-based settings.
    • Fostering community/professional service to support healthy lifestyles through better nutrition over the life course of diverse populations.
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