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STAR Center Fund

The Simulation Teaching and Research (STAR) Center of the College of Nursing & Health Sciences is a 16,000 square foot facility which serves students and professionals in healthcare by providing experiences that replicate the healthcare environment.  Clinical simulation is achieved using over twenty high-fidelity human patient simulators throughout the STAR Center. The Center is designed with rooms that replicate medical-surgical, critical care, obstetrical, pediatric, and operating rooms. We also incorporate the use of task-trainers to provide current and future healthcare providers the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. We employ guided reflection in support of our clinical simulations which analyze the events performed and use advanced audio-visual recording systems to playback and review learners’ performance.

The STAR Center includes the Jorge and Darlene Perez Clinical Skills Lab which features mid-fidelity mannequins that provide students hands-on instruction in obtaining vital signs, bathing, catheterization, nasogastric tube insertion, tracheostomy care, injections, and overall client assessment.  Gifts will support the mission of the center to advance local, regional, and global healthcare by providing an innovative learning environment where simulation technology facilitates inter-professional healthcare education, collaboration, research and evidence-based practice.

FIU Nursing Students Use Mock Hospital to Train

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