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The Honors College Dean's Scholars Program

The Dean's Scholars are a small, elite group of students selected at the end of their freshman year who make up the top 0.01% of all FlU undergraduates. The FIU Honors College is a vibrant, expanding, and engaged community of young scholars from every field. As a dynamic laboratory of the latest in teaching and learning, we provide a transformative undergraduate education that develops talented students into tomorrow’s leaders.

The Dean's Scholars epitomize the values of the Honors College and help support its mission. They are not students, but scholars and learners. They will receive additional intensive training and enriched learning opportunities to help build their intellectual and vocational abilities. The program is divided into four domains: Mind (critical thinking, intellectual development); Body (health and fitness, outdoor activities, mindfulness); Social (relationships, mentorship, entrepreneurship, networking); and Culture (arts, creativity, cultural excursions). The Dean's Scholars are required to take on leadership roles at FlU and beyond.

“FIU in Washington, D.C., hosted 12 Honors College Dean’s Scholars for a three-day visit to learn about public policy. The students were selected by Dean Juan Carlos Espinosa and his colleagues in the Honors College based on their academic performance and leadership. Their interests in mental health, environment, immigration and justice inspired them to explore careers in public policy at the capital.”

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