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Peggy O'Leary Seigler Award Endowment

The Peggy O’Leary Seigler Award (Scholarship) Endowment Fund was established by the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in memory of Dr. J. Patrick O’ Leary’s daughter, Peggy O’Leary Seigler.

“Peggy managed to affect the lives of countless individuals, as a mother, a wife, a professional, a friend, an athlete, a daughter, and a sister. Her kindness was reflected in the simple interactions of her every day. Her sense of fairness, of right and wrong, showed through in every decision she made. Her sense of humor and quick wit could bring on belly laughs.  Her love of family and friends radiated out of her gigantic smile.   And because of these traits, and so many others, she has been so sincerely missed.

She was loved.  There’s no way to capture the impact of our favorite goofball and have it match her radiance. We honor her memory in the ways we can, with kindness, fairness and a sense of adventure.  We honor her with this scholarship, but wish we did not have to.” – Winnie O’Leary, sister of Peggy O’Leary Seigler

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