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Dr. Tao Li Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Tao Li was on the Editorial Board of ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (ACM TKDD), the IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (IEEE TKDE), and Knowledge and Information Systems Journal (KAIS). He was a prolific data mining researcher in two key topic areas on learning from data—how to efficiently discover useful patterns and how to effectively retrieve information. Combine data mining and machine learning by studying both the algorithmic and application issues. He was successful in developing new, scalable to handle very large databases. As a result, he has impacted applications and implementation of algorithms in a variety of important areas in bioinformatics, text mining, music information retrieval and event mining for computer system management.

Professor Tao Li significantly impacted the lives of all of those around him. Always, the mentor and professional colleague, Tao encouraged all of us at one point or another and inspired many of us when we felt overwhelmed by our research or responsibilities. Tao was a leader. He led the way for his students to find their own paths to greatness and encouraged all of them to constantly seek excellence.


His life has been a testament to all of us, and will forever set the example for us, encouraging us to dream big, to accomplish great things, and to forever take care of one another. Although his life has been cut short, his legacy will endure, carried forward by those he impacted most—his former students, current students, colleagues, and family. We shall forever remember Professor Tao Li for all that he has given us through his inspiring example.

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