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Directors of First Impressions: Student Support Services Fund

It is our privilege to work with students every day, fulfilling our goal to help students navigate their “Worlds Ahead” journey at FIU. The staff want to continue to give back by ensuring that our student support services meets the needs of our students by proactively assisting them in their road to graduation and making their dreams of getting an FIU degree a REALITY.

The Directors of First Impressions have identified four key areas that are in need of funding in order to improve the academic experience of our students. The key areas are the following: Improving Student Information Resources, Enhancement of Student Advising Areas, Staff Professional Development and Student Scholarships.

We have decided to fundraise for student information kiosks to allow access to up to the minute information on classes and other information, pantherization of the student services office including promotional materials and signage to put our best face forward as we welcome new students and greet our current students. We are also in need of professional development including conferences, memberships to professional organizations, training and other certifications to ensure that our staff is knowledgeable in the latest information in their fields and providing our students with Worlds Ahead advising. In addition, we would like to support student scholarships benefitting working students who can only attend classes part-time and students that want to participate in our study abroad programs.

These areas will continue to give our students the most opportunities to excel and ensure that we have the skills and knowledge to continue to serve and support our students at the highest level.

Advising and support is so important because every student needs an educational foundation, somewhere that they can go throughout their time at FIU for support, both academic and personal. In many ways, we are their family away from home. I find that I begin to think of our students as my kids and I am so pleased when they come back to me and share their good news of what they were able to achieve through our conversations and the support that I was able to give them.Rochelle Patten, SJMC Academic Advisor
We want our students to enjoy their educational experiences and we provide them with the tools to navigate courses, student involvement, internships, employment and whatever else may arise. We are their bridge between high school and their professional careers. I love to see students enthusiastic about their courses and what they are trying to achieve. That kind of enthusiasm is contagious.Paige Johnson, SJMC Bridge Advisor

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