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ATOM Think Tank Fund

Data analytics, one of the defining business tools of the 21st century, isn’t just for big firms. But sometimes, small firms that want to use the tools need a bit of guidance. That's where ATOM comes in. ATOM, which stands for Analytics, Technology, and Operations Management, is FIU’s first faculty technology consulting practice, in the Information Systems and Business Analytics Department. Your support towards ATOM provides businesses with innovative services from leading experts in the technology area, while giving students real world experiential learning opportunities. Faculty and graduate students use cutting edge technology to solve real world problems for the business community at an affordable cost.

FIU Business recognizes data analytics and Blockchain technology are crucial to business education. We are committed to supporting our students as they participate in experiential learning such as the AIS competitions. We are proud of the ISBA faculty for taking a lead in incorporating technology into our curriculum, and for leading the transformation of business education to prepare our students for the next decade of placement. We are over-the-moon excited about our students’ success.Joanne Li – Dean of FIU Business
The program provides a chance to stay current with what businesses actually face every day. This definitely flows into the classroom, as it provides the impetus for the examples I reference, and the exercises I create. Relevant and actual experiences engage student interest and help ensure that they are being adequately prepared for the world outside the university.Nicole Wishart – Director of the ATOM Think Tank and Instructor for the Department of Information Systems & Business Analytics, FIU Business
ATOM was the only team to propose a full end-to-end solution with database experts that had the qualifications and credentials to ensure positive implementation free of surprises.Guillaume Corpart – Managing Director at Global Health Intelligence
I’m excited to work with FIU and ATOM. It’s important because it’s a new wave of analysts that are coming into the working group and they’re learning new things, new techniques and bringing new ideas to continue to evolve our industry.Adriana Murillo – Customer Analytics Manager at FedEx
ATOM has an outstanding track record of connecting our students to our industry partners for real world experiential learning opportunities and using business analytics to transform small business.Karlene Cousins – Chair, Department of Information Systems & Business Analytics, FIU Business
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