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MATHterpieces: An Early Childhood Math Readiness Program

This Ignite Fund will be used for the development of MATHterpieces: An Early Childhood Math Readiness Program. This math curriculum has been developed by Dr. Charles Bleiker, Associate FIU Professor of Early Childhood Education, based on the theory that learning becomes more intuitive for young children by enhancing their processing capacity and conceptual understanding. This approach with young children in the preschool years will give them an added boost in their understanding of basic mathematical concepts (counting, shapes, quantifying, number sense). This follows in the wake of ten years of successful implementation of early reading programs that have taught foundational pre-reading skills. If the approach to teaching foundational concepts works for reading, it should also work for math and science.

4 Reasons why MATHterpieces Works:

  • It focuses on the essential components of number.
  • It is taught through games, the most powerful and natural way that young children learn.
  • It allows for targeted feedback. We know what the kids need to work on.
  • It involves repetition. They learn these concepts over and over again until they become automatic.

Math failure does not begin in high school; it begins in Preschool. In our research we have shown that playing a series of math games with four-year-olds can significantly raise their math readiness. The MATHterpieces mobile app will provide educational connectivity to at-risk preschool children attending the State of Florida VPK programs in our community.

How to Give

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