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Elaine Gordon Scholarship

The Elaine Gordon Scholarship was established in 2000 to honor the life and work of Elaine Gordon, a former state legislator who for 22 years championed equal rights for women. The Elaine Gordon Scholarship is open to Women’s Studies majors or certificate earners in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Before receiving the Elaine Gordon Scholarship, my family and I were considering cutting my education short, as out-of-state tuition is quite costly. Then came the award. The scholarship didn’t only help me to fund two more semesters at FIU, it also boosted my confidence and morale. Mrs. Liebe Gadinsky (of the scholarship committee) inspired and encouraged me to go on, and I did. I was able to finish my degree in religious studies with a certificate in women’s studies and a minor in journalism. I am now starting my first job as a digital reporter at the Sun Sentinel, where I will have the opportunity to blog about sex issues in South Florida. I’m still grateful for the award I received and proud of what I’ve accomplished since.Maria Muriel, 2010-2011 Award Recipient
The Elaine Gordon Scholarship helped me greatly. Without it, I would have struggled to pay for tuition and buy all of the books and equipment I needed for my classes this semester. I live on my own here in Miami and have little income, so I am very grateful that I was awarded this scholarship.Chelsea Klaiber, 2011-2012 award recipient

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