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Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment

The Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment is dedicated to promoting events that increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the humanities. In the 2011-2012 academic year, the Center will present a series of workshop/discussions on appreciation of areas in the humanities, particularly from a South Florida perspective. These will include paintings, music, architecture, literature, film, and interior design. There will also be a series of formal lectures given by prominent members of the South Florida community and addressing issues relating to the importance of the humanities in our daily lives. Long term goals include lecture and workshop series contextualizing the humanities within broader cultural identities and aimed at both the FIU community and interested individuals across South Florida and beyond. For detailed information on all upcoming activities, please visit our Events Page.

The Center already enjoys strong financial support from FIU. At present all administrative costs and selected on campus and outreach programs are funded by the university. Colleges, Schools, Centers, and Departments have made significant contributions. Individual faculty have also come forward with unsolicited donations. However, it would be unrealistic to expect and short-sighted to seek full underwriting of center expenses and projects exclusively by the university community. Just as the center aims at offering a range of programs that relate both to the university and the community, we believe that support for our work must necessarily come from all of our constituencies.

While prudent management of our resources has insured that the basic programs and day to day operation of the Center will go forward, we seek to do more. To that end we want to implement an ambitious series of projects funded through an endowment. We have begun fund raising efforts both on campus and in the community, and we welcome support for our proposed activities through gifts to our endowment. In addition to general contributions, programs are available to create named gifts sponsoring lectures, research grants, travel funding and other Center initiatives.

Please consider joining us as a friend of the Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment. Your annual contribution of $25 dollars or more will support the programs and projects that make CHUE a unique asset for the FIU and South Florida communities.

The faculty, staff, administration, and students of FIU are proud of the diverse interests that make our institution a bulwark for higher education in Florida and a model for schools across the country. Our Humanities Center reflects the kind of dedication to inquiry, learning, and corporation that I see every day in our campus community. No what what our background, the humanities are the starting point for our education as complete human beings. With great pride, I invite you to visit our center.Kenneth G. Furton, Dean, College of Arts, Sciences & Education

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