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Agroecology Enrichment

The Agroecology Enrichment Fund supports training, research, and outreach activities of the FIU Agroecology Program; Students of the FIU Agroecology Program engage in a variety of training, professional, research and community engagement activities. The goal is to train future agricultural scientist, practitioners, decision makers and professionals in public agencies. The program activities include but are not limited to workshops at Organic Garden, training and research at the Campus Green, students travel, field research, professional development workshops, annual symposium, guest seminars and planning workshops.

The Agroecology program has played a significant role in my college and professional life. The Organic garden has allowed myself and many others to have hands on experience in growing food, and has served as a live lab for many research projects. The program, alongside the USDA gave me the opportunity to intern with IICA (Inter-American Institute for cooperation of Agriculture) in San Jose, Costa Rica. This in turn, expanded my career development, and led me to where I am today, working with the United States Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency.Carmen Rodriguez

Featured Faculty

  • Mahadev Bhat
  • Krish Jayachandran
  • Kateel Shetty
  • Stephany Alvarez- Ventura
  • Nina De La Rosa
  • Robert Barnum
  • Dr. Pushpa Soti
  • Eric Betancourt
  • Amir Khoddamzadeh

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