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Rocco Angelo Legacy Leadership Endowment

Our vision is to position The Rocco M. Angelo Legacy in Leadership Scholarship Endowment as the cornerstone of the Chaplin School. This endowment will celebrate Rocco’s impact on the lives of students and alumni, while providing current and future generations of the Chaplin School with the resources needed to ensure our Worlds Ahead reputation. For years to come, students, alumni and industry partners will know the name of Rocco. Your support will ensure that Rocco’s passion for hospitality, tourism and the Chaplin School lives on in perpetuity.

It is so inspiring to hear that so many of my fellow FIU graduates have gone to build successful careers throughout the world and I believe I can speak on behalf of many of them when I say, Rocco has played hugely influential role making us the people we are today. On one side, Rocco boasts this strong leadership style which helps instill a sense of discipline in students yet on the other a wonderfully infectious personality that keeps the school 'human'. He was always so approachable and humble and I am immensely proud of the relationship we continue to share. Adam Stewart, '03, CEO, Sandals Resorts
Rocco is a gracious grateful giant of a man, a man I am so proud to call him my colleague, my mentor, my teacher, my family and my friend.Steven V. Moll, '76, Vice Provost, FIU

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