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Save Our Sculpture

SAVE OUR SCULPTURE! is a fundraising campaign aimed at conserving and preserving the outdoor sculptures in the Frost Art Museum collection. The first sculpture that has been selected as part of SAVE OUR SCULPTURE! Campaign is Journey's End.

In 1997, Journey's End was donated to the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum and was installed on the grounds of the Wertheim Performing Arts Center, now facing the Avenue of the Arts and the Museum. The sculpture was created by the New York-based artist Ilan Averbuch, who draws his inspiration from the city. This monumental work is made from granite taken from demolished New York City buildings. Averbuch describes his work as the recycling of images and materials, moving from one time span to another. The sculpture was previously exhibited on Grove Isle, in Coconut Grove, until it was donated to the Museum by Martin Z. Margulies.

In 2009, an art conservator assessed the condition of the artwork, and indicated that Journey's End was in need of conservation. Three years after this assessment, the condition of the sculpture has worsened due to the harsh natural elements of the South Florida environment. The Frost Art Museum's limited conservation budget has prompted this conservation initiative that enables the public to participate in the care and restoration of the Sculpture Park at FIU.

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